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Lisa Stoner
Lisa Stoner
Certified Lash Technician / Advanced Trained / Licensed Cosmetologist

 Worldwide Xtreme Lashes Technician of the Month September 2008
Lisa Stoner

Xtreme Lashes Wrote....

Some people are just born with an artistic soul; a creative nature that inspires them and drives them to seek out and showcase the beauty in this world. Lisa Stoner is one of those people. A Santa Rosa, California native, who relocated to Tucson, Arizona in her 20’s, Lisa has developed a devoted following worthy of any artist, musician or actor for her skill in lash design.

After drifting through a few jobs that provided her with little personal satisfaction, Lisa switched gears in 2005 and began looking for a true career that she could excel in. Even as a child, she had always felt the need to create and found her outlets through painting, drawing and crafts. She chose beauty school as her career foundation to try and feed her creative nature through hair design and styling. Her initial foray into beauty was met by the challenge of balancing life, home and career when she found herself graduating, getting married and pregnant all in a short interval of time.

After giving birth to a son and finding little time to exercise her Cosmetology skills, Lisa became pregnant again with a daughter. It was during her 2nd pregnancy that she found her true calling. A feature on the Style Network led to an interest in eyelash extensions. The intricacy of the skill intrigued her and she set about researching the various companies who offered training in this new form of artistic expression. “I chose Xtreme,” she says, “because they were very structured. They answered all my questions and had a plan for my success. I liked that.” Her daughter was 2 months old when she took her February 2007 Xtreme Lashes® class in Phoenix. She never looked back.

“I loved it,” Lisa exclaims. She immediately set out to rent space part time in a small massage studio, practicing techniques on her new clients and perfecting her skills. Apparently she worked on some of the right people as word quickly got out about this talented Stylist. The Arizona Daily Star chose to feature her for an article on eyelash extensions in the area. The small part-time location was soon overrun and Lisa moved on to open her very own lash business in a space belonging to her alone.

“Looks Lashes” is now a staple beauty destination for many of Tucson’s finest. She’s booked solid during her regular Tues-Thurs & Saturday hours and often has to work in special appointment requests on her off days to accommodate her lash devotees. “I truly believe your own work is the best advertising around. I still have clients that I started with when I was practicing,” she tells us.

While she says she would like to expand and add another Stylist at some point, she’s quick to point out that anybody who works for her must have the same devotion to the art and passion of it all. “It’s about finding the right person. It’s such a one on one business. They have to care.”

“I love it every day,” she says. “Everybody’s happy and beautiful; it’s a life changing thing for most people.” Lisa still keeps up with other artistic endeavors like painting, sewing, scrapbooking and furniture restoration when she isn’t lashing but says doing lashes allows her to have it all. “When I found this, it wasn’t just a hobby or just a job. It’s everything in one. I’m completely happy with something I can put my creative juices into.”

She’s also completely blessed with a great support system that helps her to achieve all her goals. Lisa’s husband encourages her every step of the way as do her two children, now aged 2 and 3 ½. Her wonderful in-laws care for their grandchildren during the hours Lisa and her husband at are the office. She also tells us, “I really appreciate the support I receive from Xtreme. I feel like I got a great base and I was encouraged not just to learn, but to excel.”

And excel she does. Don’t take our word for it, though. Her clients have plenty to say about their love for Lisa’s lashes:

It has been the most exciting and rewarding thing I have done for myself in years. Lisa Stoner was both professional, and compassionate. She made sure I was comfortable and the procedure was a breeze. When it was over, I was transformed. All my friends and family noticed immediately, all said what a very dramatic difference it made, my confidence soared and I will continue to tell all who will listen how much my “new” lashes mean to me. I'm beyond thrilled.
- Cece Blankenship

I do a lot of work with brides and their bridal parties and Lisa Stoner is the first recommendation I make when it comes to the polishing touch. Lashes are great for special occasions but like me, I trust you will fall in love with them for every day "accessories". They are so much fun. I get complemented on my lashes daily from all ages. At the gym, the lake, formal events... great lashes are always in style.
- Shaunah Sherman, Pink Cadillac Director with Mary Kay

I had had my lashes done elsewhere before I came to Looks and am so pleased that I found Lisa. My lashes are fuller, thicker and last longer than ever before. I would recommend Looks to anyone who is looking for eyelash extensions.
- Ruth Cooper, Personal Trainer